Bachelor Party? Ride in Style with a Hummer Limo!

Got a friend getting married? Want to throw him the ultimate bachelor party? Well, you will want something that will demonstrate style and class, while also being over the top fun. Renting a Hummer Limo fits this description. Your friend will be in for a night he will always remember. To get you into the festive spirit, following are five reasons why your bachelor party guests should ride in style with a Hummer Limo.

1. You Will Look Like Celebrities

Traditionally, the bachelor party represents one last chance to be wild. You, the other guests and, especially, the groom, will want to attract as much attention as possible.

Renting a Hummer is optimal for a bachelor party because you will look like celebrities. Everyone will wonder just who is in the vehicle, a movie star, professional athlete or best-selling author, out on the town with an entourage.

2. Smooth Ride

No bachelor party would be complete without some alcohol. The only problem is the spills when riding around town. The Hummer Limo solves this issue.

You will be seated well above the ground in a virtual fortress. Bumps and potholes go unnoticed. Drink up and keep the champagne flowing. Just have a designated non-drinking driver.

3. Safety

Hummers are used by the military to transport troops. You can now enjoy this same level of security for your bachelor party. Rest assured the Hummer Limo is totally impregnable.

4. Big Gas Tank

Yes, the Hummer is a gas guzzler. However, you will only need to fill the large 32-gallon gas tank once, most likely.

5. All-Terrain Capable

A bachelor party should know no limits. But, what if you want to travel off-road? As long as you get the groom back for the wedding, you can take the Hummer anywhere.

If you're looking for wedding limo rentals or hummer limo rentals, contact A Formal Image Limousine Services today.

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